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Glorious wisteria

wisteria in bloom

The wisteria at the front of our house is in bloom, really early.  It is usually the middle of May before it comes out.    The smell is sumptuous …


I love the way it hangs all along the stem in fronds.

wisteria blooms and pods

These wisteria pods from last winter knocked on our bedroom window last night and woke me up!  But I didn’t have the heart to cut them off…

close up of wisteria

I love looking up at them with the sunlight filtering through the leaves and seeing this glorious green and purple…

A few colourful photos

In the absence of my camera (sob!) I am raiding my photo albums to put a bit of colour into the blog…  It has been such nice weather here, it is a pity I can’t photograph it while it’s sunny!


A primrose in the garden…

forsythia in bloom

The forsythia is in full bloom.  I noticed today while looking through the window you can see there, it was perfectly framed and gorgeous, yellow against a deep blue sky.

spiders on green leaves

And before I forget, Hilary, this is the spider photo.  I think I need to crop it for the spiders though…..

close up of a couple of spiders!

This do you??!!  Sorry for anyone of a squeamish disposition…

More spring scenes

Here is another magnolia which grows up by the side of the Civic Centre.  It is a lovely deep pink colour, I think.

deep pink magnolia

Nothing like the colour magnolia which paint companies sell in tins.

close up of pink magnolia

This flower was a little blurred but I thought I’d post it anyway.

one huge pink magnolia!

There is also a lovely pink flowering cherry tree which is out at the moment too.

flowering cherry in bloom

Yes, that is the right way up!  Taken from underneath…

And a lovely pink camellia too…

pink camellia

It has gone really warm the last couple of days and I sat out in the garden for a few minutes yesterday.  I couldn’t help noticing that the flies were sitting still too, sunning themselves…

close up of fly on leaf

I won’t show you the photos of the spiders…

Signs of Spring

Everywhere I go nowadays there are signs of spring.  Hurray!  I’m fed up with this damp, dark winter.  The clocks go forward on Sunday so it will be even lighter in the evenings. 

I love it when the magnolias bloom.  This tree is a gorgeous one:

magnolia tree in bloom

Here is another one which I pass on the way to Zachary’s school:

another magnolia tree in bloom

The blossoms are beautiful.

magnolia flowers

I love the way they seem to raise their heads to the sun. They look as though they are butterflies or birds spreading their wings, about to take off into the sky.

more magnolia flowers

More snow!

Yesterday we had even more (unforecasted) snow and it took the kids (and DH) a couple of hours to get home from school….


It came down quite heavily from 8am till about 1pm.  The kids went sledging after they got home and I walked up the hill to see them – it was strange and wonderful walking through a white wonderland at 5pm with hardly any cars and a frosty, crisp atmosphere. 

snowy street

snowy street

Once again I couldn’t stop myself taking photos of the trees:

snowy tree

trees in the snow at dusk

I came across Anselm sledging (on a teatray!) – the photo is blurred but I think it looks rather artistic and abstract!

a sledging blur

After this I discovered the night time flash setting on my camera:

another snowy street

night time snow

Alas, it has been raining on and off all day and a lot of it has gone now and what is left is all wet and slushy – ugh!

Winter trees – bare branches

I took so many photos of trees on Saturday that I saved them for another post.  I think there’s a tree series somewhere inside me if only I could find the time to sit down and start it…

I think this one is coppiced.

coppiced tree

The photo’s a bit blurry, but just look at those roots!

mossy tree roots

I love trees silhouetted against the horizon.

trees silhouetted against the horizon

I love the look of these branches intertwining like snakes….

tree branches looking like snakes

And these branches are crooked, zigzaggedy…

crooked branches

Almost back to the car park … a clearing lit by the late afternoon sun…

trees in the afternoon sun

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