Kids crafts

I do crafts for the kids at church once a month and this is meant to be a visual reminder of what I’ve made so that I can use them again without making myself bald scratching my head for ideas:)

Autumn leaf fridge magnet made of fun foam.

autumn leaf fridge magnet

Baby Moses – head is a sticker from a card topper, blanket is wadding.  Rest is plasticine.

baby Moses 

Star pendant

star pendant

Olympics gold medal!

olympic medal

Some sort of pipe cleaner creature

pipe cleaner creature

Visors made of fun foam and cellophane

fun foam visors

Another pipe cleaner creature on top of a pencil

pipe cleaner bug

Whale on a lolly stick.  Fun foam again!


Dove made of white card


Friendship bracelet – sticky velcro to fasten

friendship bracelet

Pipe cleaner man with beads

pipe cleaner man

Mosaic bookmark to illustrate Elisha oil jars story

 oil jar bookmark

oil jar bookmark reverse

Candle Christmas card using that honeycomb tissue paper

candle christmas card

Castle – found template on internet



Finger puppet

finger puppet

Lantern using holographic  card


Bejewelled bowl using plasticine and beads

plasticine bowl

Butterfly pendant

butterfly pendant

Arrow bookmark – they put their names on with sticky letters

arrow bookmark

Sheep using cotton reel and cotton wool

cotton reel sheep

Cross section!


Cotton reel with double sided foam tape to hold cotton wool in place.


These are some animal masks I found online.  If I find them again I’ll put a link up but it was years ago!

animal masks 







Someone else made this rocket but I ‘borrowed’ it as an example….


Heart for valentine’s day!


I didn’t design this door hanger either but Anita made it for holiday club one year:

door hanger - tiger

A plasticine rainbow

plasticine rainbow

These were fridge magnets made from fun foam in various sea creature shapes – this starfish is the only one I could find.

starfish fridge magnet

Decorated foot

fun foam foot

Treasure box

treasure box

Golly, what a lot!    More will be added as I make them!!  Feel free to borrow any of the ideas…


  1. Thank you Liz, this is such a good idea, to log all the craft you do

  2. Wow, there’s a lot of craft ideas here! I love how simple they all are. I especially like the idea of foam magnents, you could really do a lot with those. Plus of course how fun is it to put something on the fridge for everyone to see?

    Very cute, thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks, Kara. Yes, fun foam magnets are great because the fun foam is so light it doesn’t slide off the fridge! I’ve made little houses and stuff like that with it too. And I discovered last week that you can buy fun foam in Hobbycraft which is already backed with a magnet!

    I have to make them simple because the kids can range from anything between 2 to almost teenage, and they have to be quick to make, yet capable of taking a long time as well, because we do them before church to keep the kids occupied and some turn up with 20 minutes to go and others with only 5 minutes!

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