Breakdown Printing

A couple of you asked where to get Breakdown Printing by Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn. I got it direct from their website on the What’s on page – Committed-to-Cloth. It’s right at the top of that page and if you click on ‘Read More…’ it will give you details of how to get it. Otherwise, I think Art Van Go sell it. I don’t know if anywhere in the US stocks it but you can also get it in Germany at

Here’s a picture of it. It is similar to the format of the Jan Beany/Jean Littlejohn series of ‘Double Trouble’ books.

book front

My dyed fabric turned out well. Photos coming later! The screen is still drying – trust me to start playing in the middle of a British winter! – but I’ll be sure to show you how it turns out when I print it.

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  1. This book is available from Jane Dunnewold at

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