Cashmere sock yarn

I bought some cashmere sock yarn at Hipknits at the Knitting and Stitching Show last year.  I’ve knitted one sock so far with it – here is a photo just before I finished.

cashmere purple and blue sock

I love the swirly pattern it makes. 

It is only just big enough so I hope it doesn’t shrink in the wash!

I was in the Newport art gallery foyer a couple of weeks ago and noticed that now they have demolished the old 60s concrete car park, you get a good view of the new pedestrian bridge across the river.  I decided to take a photo before they build the new car park and obscure the view again!

view of Newport from art gallery

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  1. Liz, this must be the horrible car park we parked in only recently. Good riddance I’d say! (We thought it was really grim and couldn’t imagine how the people of Newport could live with such a monstrosity….knowing you have higher standards than that!!)

    Quite a remarkable view now.

  2. That purple sock is beautiful.

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