Christmas Eve!

Well, everything is now in train for Christmas Day. Excited kids, presents under the tree. We have a quiet family Christmas here – just the five of us. The kids come downstairs and open their stockings first thing, we get up when we have to (when the noise level get too intolerable), have breakfast and get the lunch ready. Then we all open our presents and go to church. Then lunch and a lazy afternoon only punctuated by more eating …

Le Creuset casserole filled with stew

This was our lunch today. Lancashire hot pot. We call it ‘lobby’ in Stoke-on-Trent, where I was brought up and where my family still live. I don’t know why.

extremely full fridge inside

Our fridge is extremely full now. I can take a photo of it because Barnabas cleaned it in return for extra computer time on Monday. Note the duck down the bottom – our roast for tomorrow.

bowl with red stuff in it - well, that's what it looks like

I made the first bit of the trifle this morning. This will be for tea tomorrow (not that we’ll want tea tomorrow but we will force ourselves, no doubt). Trifle sponge, lots of sherry, tinned strawberries, jelly, tinned raspberries. (I was going to use frozen but the freezer is so full I couldn’t find them). Doesn’t look very attractive at the moment but wait till tomorrow! It now has a layer of custard on top of this. Then a layer of sliced bananas and a layer of whipped cream and some jelly sweets (the kids’ favourite part!).

Anyway, A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all of you in Australia and New Zealand reading this! I’ll say it to everyone else tomorrow…

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  1. Liz…your fridge looks almost as “empty” as ours. We are just four of us (well, four humans, plus the canine horse (huge dog) and three cats) for the holiday, too. Thanks so much for the Concertina book instructions….I want to try to bludgeon the kids into making them and sending to Aunt and Gramma as their thank you notes! If I succeed, I’ll post to my blog.

    Merriest of merries, and to quote a favorite children’s story of the nativity,

    May peace be with you on this good night,

    Cheers, Sarah

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