Concertina books in Etsy!

I put some little concertina books up for sale on Etsy earlier this week.  There’s a link to my tutorial for it under blog>notable posts in the top menu.  I made these a while ago with some of my painted and stamped papers – inside it is a sort of origami technique.

Sometime I’m going to write a ‘how to’ for buying on Etsy – it’s quite easy once you’ve done it once or twice (and addictive, alas!) – if you are in the UK, just remember that the pound is worth about 2 dollars, so just halve the prices to find the prices in pounds.  And you don’t have to have an account with Paypal to pay with them – you can just use a credit card and pay through them.

Here are some of the books:

Blue concertina book for sale on Etsy      inside of concertina book

The cover of this one was painted with Brusho powder paints which have a very ‘inky’ look to them when they are dissolved in water and the inside pages are painted and decorated with melted metallic wax crayons!

concertina book for sale on Etsy       inside of concertina book

The covers of this were made with tissue paper and metallic paint, believe it or not!  And the insides have a mixture of cartridge papers, some decorated with combed acrylic paints.

horse cover of concertina book     inside with painted pages

This one is covered with purple Nepalese lokta paper and stamped with an Indian wooden block stamp which I bought at The Pier in Cardiff when they sold them.  I’ve also got a camel and an elephant!  The insides are stamped and sponged.

And last, but not least:

concertina book     inside of concertina book

This cover is decorated with paints using salt to produce the striking effect!  It has black and white cartridge paper inside.

Finally, I’ve just joined the ranks of Myspace – I have heard so much about how it helps people find your shop, that I decided to plunge in, as if I haven’t got enough fingers in pies…. Here is the link to my profile page so please add me as a friend if you have one too!

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  1. Hi Liz, I just wanted to say how excited I was to be featured in the treasury that you made recently. Thank you very much! It was the first time I’ve ever been in one. Now I’m wondering how you go about making a treasury. I will have to look it up on etsy. I love your concertina books, especially that last turquoisey one. It’s my favourite colour!

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