Design board and print blocks…

DH is in the process of making me a design board.  Following instructions on Quiltart and on Mrs Mel’s blog, we went to buy a piece of 8′ by 4′ insulation board.  It was interesting getting it home in the car, particularly as we had two of the boys with us!

insulation board sitting in my studio

Here it is sitting in my studio.  By the way, the latter is relatively tidy.

He has now put a wooden frame round it and glued it in place, although he thinks he will have to use a different glue because that one isn’t holding too well.  He is then going to put some supports on the base with little wheels attached so I can move it round.

Here it is as it is at present.  He is off tomorrow so hopefully it will progress then….

I haven’t been doing too much in the studio lately but today, inspired by an article in Stitch Magazine by Ruth Issett on using metallic powders and Jacquard Pearl-Ex powders (amongst other things), both of which I have and don’t use much, I made a few stamp blocks in preparation.  I glued fun foam on to mountboard in various patterns and a few other things like string:

rubber stamps made out of fun foam in various patterns

There is a big one here too…

large stamp made from fun foam

Hopefully in a few days I’ll have done something with them, once the PVA glue dries.  I put it on quite thick to make it nice and waterproof as well as ensuring that the fun foam stays on.  We made quite a few stamps out of this during City & Guilds and I still use some of them, particularly a spiral one.  Sealed with acrylic paint, it is quite sturdy!

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  1. You will love your design board. I have one fastened to the wall and made from two sheets of 8×4 foam. I would be lost without it.

  2. A moveable design wall. What a great thing. I have one on the wall and it is invaluable but a moveable one gives more options.

  3. Love the design wall, used to have a 12ft one on the wall in our last house, but the flat we are in now has no space, but a movable one would be great, hmm
    I love all your stamps, its amazing how they stand up to use isn’t it.

  4. I would love to have one of those moveable design wall too, but impossible up in my loft. I wonder if I could make one in 3 parts! I need to think about this. Love the stamps.

  5. Once. my DH and I went to buy a two 4 X 8 ft pieces of styrofoam for a design wall. It wouldn’t fit in the back of our Jeep so the Home Depot guy gave us an exacto knife and we cut it in half in the parking lot so that it would fit in the car! Your’s looks very elegant with the molding around it.

  6. Hi Liz, You mention the article in “Stitch.” I have the PearlEx powders myself and would like more info. I would love to get my hands on this magazine, but cannot find it here in the US. Do you have any suggestions? Amazon only allows subscriptions and takes 12-16 weeks to ship (UGH). I can’t find it in my local Borders store, but that’s not saying much considering Maui is not a major metropolis!

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