Evolution of an Herbacious border


For several years now, our garden has been getting rather out of hand.  Until a couple of months ago, the border on the left hand side consisted of lots of overgrown bushes (mostly dead actually), with more mostly dead honeysuckle growing up them.   I decided to cut back two of them.  Well, I cut them back so much that it looked like they’d had it, and I exposed about 8 feet of soil in the process!  One trip to the garden centre later, and I had several perennial plants to fill it up.  This is what it looked like just after planting.  A bit sparse….

lots of newly planted perennials

I decided to plant some annuals in the gaps to fill it up a bit.  I got some pot marigold and some other unidentified yellow plants.

herbacious border expanding 

Then I put in an evening primrose plant I had growing in a pot on the patio – this self seeds really easily and though it is only biennial we’ve had them every year since we bought the original one about 20 years ago.  And a comfrey plant on the left.  They looked really nice when all these were in flower:

herbacious border

This was taken a couple of weeks ago – already they are starting to fill up that space.  Now almost all the red flowers have finished but there are loads of that orange one.

herbacious border

It was a wet day when I took this one!


And in case you wondered, those two bushes did recover and are about to fight back – I will have to remember to prune them vigorously in future!

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  1. Sweet Shoppe Kitty

    God bless your garden! I’ve got a black thumb. So I totally admire all you gardeners out there!

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