House journal

As I said in yesterday’s blog post, the first journal was made in preparation for making a house journal in the same style.  I didn’t have any suitable fabric for this, so I decided to print some.  I had a number of gocco screens based on bricks and houses – it seems to be a particular theme of mine at the moment.

I used some rust dyed fabric again (silk dupion) and overprinted the bottom part of this fabric with a gocco screen made from a photo of Beaumaris Prison in Anglesey and the top from a screen of a close up of the bricks on a building.

house fabric

As usual, I couldn’t just stop there, could I?  I also printed these fabrics:

brick fabric

gocco printed brick fabric

I also printed some paper (previously decorated with paints and other screens) to go inside the journal.    This is A4 size, by the way, although the pink fabric above is about a metre long – this illustrates the problems of showing the scale of photos on blogs!

paper overprinted with brick design

Here is the journal cover before the signatures were added:

house journal cover 


And with the pages inside:

house journal front

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  1. WOW I really love it!! The fabric is awesome!

  2. These are beautiful, Liz. I was about to tell you I liked the top fabric best. Then, as I scrolled down to look at the photos, I realized you used that one for your house journal. It really turned out beautifully!

  3. oh my goodness liz!
    this house journal and all of your artwork is just amazing!

  4. LOVE the house journal and those FABULOUS fabrics!!! GREAT JOB!

  5. What a great journal! I love the “big house” printed fabric.

  6. The fabric is perfect for the journal! How talented of you t0 be able to make your own to compliment this project so well!

  7. Liz , this is fabulous ! I love the fabric and the shape.

  8. Gorgeous! And you made the fabric too!
    I am so impressed.
    I really love the fabric.

  9. Excellent, Liz. First class results

  10. Wow!! This is so cool!! Very well done, Liz!! I love it!

  11. this looks really nice, its a great shape and great colour choices.

  12. Well damn if that just isn’t creative and super cool!

  13. Geat journal — and I love the gocco printed cover image. VERY cool.

  14. Your printed fabric is wonderful and I love the book. It reminds me of blue prints.

  15. The house journal is great! What perfect fabric for it. All of your printing has been great. I especially like the way you fixed the “splotch” on the first journal. That’s thinking outside the box!

    I am taking the same online class. Guess I’ll have to work harder to keep up with all the talent in that class!

  16. love the house journal :)

  17. Absolutely wonderful journal.

  18. When you are making your screen on the gocco, do you use a photo or a copy of a photo? I love the look I am just taking baby steps in making a screen and I am struggling…. help?

  19. wonderful printing. The house journal is great – I love it.

  20. Never I have seen a blog like this. This is wonderful1

  21. What a blog to read. Unique and one of a kind.

  22. Liz, both your printing and your lovely housejournal are great!

  23. Love your blog — and your house journal. I’ll be a regular reader, for sure!

  24. My oh My! This all turned out SO gorgeous!! You truly have a gift!!

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