I love paper!

So, on we go with the PaperLove Bloghop!

my chaotic paper storage paper piles

This is part of my paper storage – as you can see it is a bit in need of a clearout.  I got the metal racks in Poundstretcher or a similar shop and they are a bit prone to collapsing without warning and causing an avalanche.  In those shoeboxes I’ve got all my smaller pieces of decorative papers or printed Gocco papers arranged according to subject and the larger pieces are on the top.


I have lots of different papers: corrugated paper/card (that is good for printing too); thin, translucent Japanese washi paper; strong thin lokta paper that can be stitched into (made in Nepal); old paper used for legal documents and old maps, with a sort of stringy mesh texture; printed paper bags (the one in the picture is a William Morris design).  The black and white photo on the top right is masking tape – I used it as a resist when I was printing Birth of a City; when I took it off, I stuck it randomly on to paper.

different language newspapers papers3a

I love printing and painting on old newspapers too – here are a few in my collection.  Great for using in collage! I just love paper because it is so versatile and, like fabric, can be made from all sorts of plant material, cut, torn, stitched and used in lots of projects.  The yellow swirly pattern (top right) is a Gocco print – I made the screen from a doodle – and various other painted papers.


So what do I do with them?  Here are some more of the painted papers – the orange and black one was decorated when I painted old train tickets with black and white gesso – I put the orange painted paper underneath rather than use old newspaper or something else to protect the table and it made a very efffective design.


Left photo is Japanese paper I got from Falkiners in London – they have the most gorgeous paper and bookbinding equipment too.  Right photo is a double sided wrapping paper I bought somewhere, I love it!


Tissue paper painted with fluid acrylics, blue art paper printed with corrugated card to produce the white stripes.

papersprint Left: mostly packing paper that produces amazing texture when painted.  Right: Gocco printed skyscraper screened over some paper that I’d already smooshed paint over (I think it was one of those paint effects where you splash paint on, put another sheet of paper over the top and pull them apart to produce that smooshy texture).


birds gocco printed on various papers

More gocco printing, birds this time – on various surfaces.

altered tickets
This is what I’ve done with some of the old train tickets – I can never throw anything out! I’m planning to use them as tags or perhaps even business cards.

So what do I use these papers for?  Well, here is a pile of handmade journals for a start…

pile of handmade books with faux leather covers
It was fun making these journals, especially the faux leather covers!

Or see my tutorial on How to Make a Concertina Book

checking pages are not stuck together where they shouldn't be

Hmm, this post is getting a bit long; think I’ll continue the paper theme for a few more posts…


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  1. Falkiners is indeed a beautiful shop, full of papery goodness and amazing bookbinding items. Lovely to see all the types of paper you use, the list can be endless. I’m here via the bloghop…nice to hop on in {*}

  2. Hi Liz. Do you think that’s why we get a little obsessed with paper? Because there’s so much of it?! So many types! So much to collect! The thrill of the chase … [the ‘paperchase’ no less! Sorry … terrible pun!]

    And thanks for the tip about Falkiners – I’ll look them up.

    Stopping to say ‘hi’ on my way around the rest of the Paperlove hoppers. Nice to meet you.

    Julie 🙂


  3. Hi Liz, lovely to catch up with you on your blog again! That is an impressive stash of paper! X

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