Journal 4

I just finished Journal 4 of Sue’s course last night.

The cover is made of brown wrapping paper painted with acrylic paint!  It is similar to the first journal that we made in that there are sewn signatures inside.   I stitched them all in, and stitched on the button, which is an old wooden vintage button and some twisted cord made from Colinette Point 5 yarn – and discovered that the cover was inside out and I had sewn the signatures to the outside instead of the inside!

So… hmm… what to do?  Do I undo it all and start again?  Hmmm… not me!  build on mistakes, incorporate them into the general scheme of things, that’s my philosophy…. 

When I was painting the brown paper, I painted everything in sight, including some Japanese newspaper which came with the Gocco machines.  Here is a pic of it all drying by the way…

brown paper painted

Here is the brown paper ready to be made into the journal:

brown paper painted for journal

This is the finished journal.  I cut strips of the Japanese newspaper and stuck them around the joins.  Luckily the inside of the cover was the same as the outside apart from the joins.  I like the vintage look it gives it.

Journal 4 with button closure

There is a pocket on the inside – I made mine with textured brown paper – this just came as packaging with something and I painted it.  I love how it picks up the fold patterns.

inside journal with pocket

I put a mixture of cardstock, handmade paper, lokta paper specially cut for the inkjet printer and ordinary paper inside.

Inside journal with lokta paper and pocket

This is the lokta paper.  It is very strong and can be stitched.  Here I have stitched a pocket made of painted and stamped lutradur.


This is handmade paper which I stamped into when it was drying.  After it was dry I painted the stamped bits with Aquawax (a sort of resist wax which can be used on paper – I actually bought it by mistake, meaning to get acrylic wax…) and paint.

lokta paper printed with tree photo

This is some more of the lokta paper, which I printed in my inkjet printer.  It is a photo which I took on a walk near some waterfalls in the Brecon Beacons.  I love the mossy trees and rocks. 

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  1. I love the journal and your article! You do wonderful work Liz!

  2. Liz, this so so fabulous!! I’m completely impressed!

  3. So impressed with your journal! I can see competition, Sue!!!! Only kidding:)

  4. It is wonderful!!! Bob Ross the painter always said that there are no mistakes…only happy accidents. I like that! I also love that when you get to painting you paint everything in sight. hehe…

  5. I love the way the texture and color came out. You are making me want to try Sue’s class and pick up yet another craft habit!

  6. Love how this came out Liz!

  7. That turned out well Liz!

  8. What a beautiful journal! I love how you turned an apparent accident into a fortuitous discovery in creativity. I can’t wait to take the class.–JN Originals

  9. Painting is addictive, isn’t it?

  10. Wow! What beautiful journals. I have to run off to favorite your shop. How did I not find you on Etsy?? Oh my, we are a match made in Heaven. I love journals, paper, and more journals.

  11. Hi Liz
    Beautiful journal! I have a thing for bookarts and that one is a beauty… love your attitude to ‘happy accidents/ ooops” namaste Elis.

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