July Reeds

Oops, it’s August and I forgot to post pics of the July reeds, but I did take these photos in July, honest gov!

They had got much greener.

reeds in July

reeds in July

Strong diagonals:

july reeds

Less of the wave like effect.  Or maybe I had to stand on tiptoe to see it…

green reeds

This month I noticed the plants that grew next to (and above) the reeds much more:

reeds and rose bay willow herb

Like this rose bay willow herb.

sorrel in flower

And sorrel.

yellow snail on reed leaf

And what was living on them!

2 Replies to “July Reeds”

  1. Do you ever make sorrel soup? Deliciously sour, eaten cold – but I think an acquired taste. Love your plant pix!

    1. Not soup, but I’ve had sorrel sauce in France and I grow sorrel but never seem to have enough to make soup. I add it to omelettes and stuff with eggs or cheese as they seem to go well together.

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