Let me in!!!

cobweb on sandpit

Just a quick post before bedtime.  This is our cat, Cobweb, who is getting very old now (about 18).  He has taken to sitting on this old turtle sandpit of the kids’ which they have long outgrown.   I suppose it’s warmer than the concrete patio but I think he looks so funny here.

Don’t look too closely at the overgrown garden in the background.  I call it wildlife friendly.  Well, when Cobweb is safely inside the house, that is….

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  1. Awww he is just too cute…

  2. Hehe…Cobweb says…”I really NEED you to take the lid off the sandbox!” He looks adorable sitting there!

  3. Cute! Looks related to my kitty Broccoli.

  4. hi liz!
    oh i just love this post! what a special kitty and a great photo!
    :) melissa and emmitt

  5. Oh, Cobweb is just beautiful, Liz! He looks very furry for a cold winter!!

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