Mapping ancient trees

I read the Woodland Trust blog and today I watched this incredible clip of a TV programme they made with the BBC about measuring and mapping the ancient trees of Britain. At one point they are scaling down a cliff with ropes to reach a yew tree in Wales, which is supposed to be at least 1000 years old…

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  1. 1000 years old. Wow. I was in Wales visiting my sister and the family last summer, I wish I would have read this blog before then. Next time I go back I need to see these trees. Any living thing with that kind of history is remarkable.

  2. Awesome! Now I know something more to teach my family when we are in Wales next year; we have ancestor mapping to do – but this tree mapping is something awe-inspiring to see.
    Those roots are beautiful . . . so much more character than our baby crepe myrtles I’ve been photographing and playing with!
    Thank you for sharing your work and inspiration.
    Suzanne G in NC

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