Medicinal/dyeing herbs

A few of the other herbs I planted last year are also still alive.

This is the angelica:

new shoots of angelica

And some mullein:

mullein just showing above ground

Here is the only woad plant which escaped the slugs’ depredations. The other two which germinated were in the garden but I kept this in a pot. It has begun to shoot up in the last week or so. Last year it stayed in a low crown shape. Too accessible to slugs obviously. I must try and collect seeds from it this year or hope it self seeds or this will be the end of my attempt to grow woad!

potted woad plant

3 Replies to “Medicinal/dyeing herbs”

  1. You really are knowledgeable where plants are concerned Liz.
    my mother was a very keen gardener, but I’m afraid I’m quite glad I don’t have to worry about the garden any more. I do love houseplants though.

  2. Liz,
    I have ordered seeds for woad – going to grow it to do natural dyeing.
    But, what do you use these herbs for – cooking or ????
    I’m always interested in hearing about different herbs, what people use them for, etc.

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