More spring scenes

Here is another magnolia which grows up by the side of the Civic Centre.  It is a lovely deep pink colour, I think.

deep pink magnolia

Nothing like the colour magnolia which paint companies sell in tins.

close up of pink magnolia

This flower was a little blurred but I thought I’d post it anyway.

one huge pink magnolia!

There is also a lovely pink flowering cherry tree which is out at the moment too.

flowering cherry in bloom

Yes, that is the right way up!  Taken from underneath…

And a lovely pink camellia too…

pink camellia

It has gone really warm the last couple of days and I sat out in the garden for a few minutes yesterday.  I couldn’t help noticing that the flies were sitting still too, sunning themselves…

close up of fly on leaf

I won’t show you the photos of the spiders…

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  1. luv the deep pink, but I’d really like to see the spiders…

  2. Hi The blossom looks so gorgeous. My poor little Camelia is trying to flower. It tries it’s hardest but its too harsh here really. Helen

  3. I Love that magnolia!!! I wanted to buy one like that but could only find bushy white ones. I think it is Magnolia heptapeta. So beautiful!!

  4. You have been having fun with your camera. that fly is wonde4rful. I also took photos of magnolia on Tuesday at my friend’s house.

  5. HI Liz
    Fab pink magnolias and the camelia is very nice as well. As you can see I am finally back online after moving and just the finishing touches on my sewing room .. pics to follow sometime soon

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