Online Courses 1: Creative Textiles

I’ve decided to start my mini-series featuring online courses which are available.

The first one is Creative Textiles run by Jill Smith. I haven’t done any of her classes myself but have known Jill online since I was a fledgling textile student in my first year of City & Guilds. She used to run a Yahoo group called Likemindedthreads and has been very generous over the years with her knowledge, offering information freely.

This is what she says about her classes:

Jill Smith has now opened a website just for her online classes she is now doing, so the classes have their own website and you can go and pick a class and pay for it with Paypal as it’s all set up there. If you’re from the UK you can send a cheque as well.
She also has a two part course that is the same as the two part City and Guilds she took and the single classes and like them all they can be taken at your time, no rush and finish when you want but Jill is always around how ever long you take to give advice and help. She also took a teacher’s course as well so you’re in good hands.
There are also some great offers for the Bank holiday; it’s worth checking them out.

Here are a couple of photos of Jill’s work:

colourful wallhanging by Jill Smith

colourful wallhanging by Jill Smith

Jill has also just started a blog.


4 Replies to “Online Courses 1: Creative Textiles”

  1. Wow! Thanks for the links! Definitely signing up for some of Jill’s classes. Her work is amazing.

  2. Thanks for a great list. I have taken courses with quilt University and Playways, but didn’t know a thing about all the other information you provided.

  3. hi, can’t seem to find the online course button on Jill’s website. Where do I find info about the online classes? the link Creative Textiles in you post does not work.
    hope you can help.

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