Online Courses 2: Susan Sorrell

UPDATE 22/05/2018:  Joggles no longer hold online classes but I think Susan still runs classes: Google will no doubt help if you’re looking for them!

Susan’s courses are run at Joggles. Joggles’ classes are mainly related to dollmaking, although there are others on ATCs, Mini art quilt books, shipping tags and other things. Sharon at In A Minute Ago had a crazy quilting class there earlier in the year. I did Susan’s Personal Symbols class (in fact, I’m still working my way through it) in the last couple of months and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Have a look under the Painting category if you missed my posts about it).

The way Joggles’ classes work is that you download a class each week for the length of the course. I found it helps to print it out. There are plenty of pictures and clear instructions on what to do. There is also a forum where you can ask questions, look at other people’s work and post photos, so you get the real feeling of being in a class with other people.

Susan trained in visual design and teaching and has been a graphic artist and art teacher. She does a lot of painting, embroidery and embellishment in her work. She is a fun teacher to have and is around a lot in the forum. I appreciated her comments and answers to my queries.

The next class she is teaching is on Monoprinting . It consists of six lessons and includes sunprinting, frottage printing, gelatin prints and shaving cream prints.

This is a photo of some of Susan’s work related to the course. It is entitled “Hard-favored face”
susan sorrell's work

In July is Creative Embroidery This is some of what it says on the website:

This workshop will instruct students how to learn to think in threads. The experience will be a way to search for new way of working in embroidery and mixed media. Organic designs will be the focus of the workshop with a twist…

Here is another of Susan’s pieces of work which relates to this course. This is called “Jupiter’s Flower”.
susan sorrell's work

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  1. I know you did fantastically well on the symbols course ! are you doing this course with Susan as well?


  2. Hey Liz,
    Thanks for the great write up on my classes. I really enjoy putting them together and have learned a lot of new techniques to use in my own work.
    These classes have been inspirational to me. 🙂

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