Paper stencils

As well as the other types of screen printing I did some with straightforward newspaper stencils. 

When we were in France in the summer, I took some photos of people walking by, and I used a couple of these as the basis for my designs. 

I had manipulated these with a view to using them as Gocco images and these are the resulting photos.

girl passing by figures

I cut the outlines out of a sheet of newspaper and used that as a stencil.  After I had printed that, I laid the dyed-covered stencil face down on the fabric and screened with another colour.  I did this until the newspaper tore and I couldn’t use it again.  I love the way the newspaper wrinkled and gave such atmospheric texture.  Here are the results:

screen printed figures

close up of above photo

These are on calico, which takes the prints really well.

figures on scrim

This is on scrim or similar fabric – the images are a lot clearer than you can tell in the photograph.

screenprinted girl.


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  1. These are really nice; I love the simplicity of them, but at the same time there’s a kind of complexity because of the movement and little things like the angle of the person’s head . . . fabulous.

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