Personal Symbols course

This week on the Personal Symbols course we had to draw symbols signifying various words, and also to go outside and draw symbols representing what we saw. I want to post these for the forum attached to the class so I thought I’d do it here.

Here are mine:

sketchbook with lots of little drawings in it

I did these quite quickly so I didn’t think too much about them. It was interesting what came out.

And the next page:

another page

The ‘fear’ drawing here surprised me. Spirals! Maybe that’s why I doodle them so much… obviously something deep and meaningful coming out here….

And the next:

another page

And the last:

another page

Now I have to combine some of them to make new doodles. Haven’t done that yet. I must try and do that over the next couple of days – the next lesson is out on Tuesday. Can’t wait to see what we do with these!

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  1. What an interesting exercise! Did the course leader give you a list of words to start with or did you sketch based on words you thought of? And how large is each word’s symbol illustration? (My guess is 2″ or so, but it’s hard to tell without knowing what size sketchbook you were working in.)

  2. Hi Deb,

    Yes, we had a list of words, although we could add more to it. I found it quite challenging! Mine are about 1.5 inches square, but only roughly. Some are larger than others – I just drew rough squares very quickly!

  3. Hi Liz, this is great, I must have missed the original post about the class, this is something I have been interested in doing a bit of lately too, I’ll check out her site for the info, thanks for posting about this!!! I have been playing with the book “celebrate your creative self” by Mary Todd Beam , and there is a brief section about personal symbols that got me started, I’ll watch for more of your posts on this subject…Ginger

  4. Is this the class with Susan at Creative Chick blog? I had wanted to take that class but couldn’t manage it this round…but thanks for the enticing peek.

  5. Hey everyone, I am Liz’s online instructor. Just wanted to see her doodles and how she was coming with the lesson.(Liz your doodles are great!!)

    If you want to try the course, it is still open. You work the lessons on your own time schedule. Plus I leave the forum open a long time after the last lesson for you to keep sharing. Here are the links for the two classes I am teaching right now.

    Personal Symbols:
    Fiber Collage:

    The Fiber Collage class started yesterday, Feb 14th. I am always having people sign up weeks into the class is that is fine. There is no time limit on when the lessons should be completed. I don’t know when I will run the Personal Symbols class again…maybe in the Fall 2006. 🙂

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