Photogenic necklace

I bought these three necklaces in Skegness at Easter from a stall selling boomerangs, bongos and other stuff. I love the markings on them.

three necklaces of shell and beads

Here are close ups of all of them. I really must have a go with Paint Shop Pro with one of these.

close up of pendant part

as above

as above

4 Replies to “Photogenic necklace”

  1. love them!!!!! would love that look reproduced in cloth…(i always manage to bring everything back to “the cloth”) 🙂

  2. They are so beautiful – but of course I love turquoise, purple, peacock shades and pinky pearly ones. The mosaic element is also interesting, and reminds me of good old C&G – do this – then cut it up! Which reminds me, are you any nearer deciding whether to proceed to part 2 this autumn?
    Will enjoy seeing what results when you play with them.

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