Photogenic red cabbage!

I was cutting up a red cabbage for Saturday lunch and I noticed that its inside was a very interesting design, especially when I put two halves together, like so:

two halves of red cabbage put together, cut side outwards

I have just had a bit of a play with this photo in Paint Shop Pro. I only got this just after Christmas so it’s fairly new. So far it is just a matter of pressing a few buttons and seeing what happens.

above photo with edges enhanced

I did this by clicking on ‘Effects’ and ‘Enhance edges’. I think.

pattern from photo

This was ‘Effects’, ‘Reflections’ and ‘Pattern’.

another play with above photo

Sorry, but I totally forgot how I did this. Some effect followed by flood fill…

Any suggestions of other effects which might be fun with this pattern gratefully received.

13 Replies to “Photogenic red cabbage!”

  1. Beauty in the most mundane places, eh? I’ve always love the rufflely (? sp. – like ruffles) look of red cabbage on a white plate. The last one looks like brain activity on an MRI or something. These manipulations are wonderful.

  2. Lovely play with the cabbage and PSP Liz. Try them all one by one and you will find your faves. Then play and play with the same ones and you will be surprised at what you can do in PSP. Have fun.

  3. Cool images!! The last one finally blows the idea of a cabbage out of the water. with the small pieces on the right.. it begins to look like a “brain flower” …

    Smack me.. I was thinking it would make a fabulous mola!

  4. FANTASTIC Liz!!!
    Isn’t it amazing where we see different patterns, ideas, etc………GREAT JOB on the PaintShop playing.
    Now – look at all those ideas that can come from just those 2 slices of cabbage!!!

  5. I’m sure it’s gone by now, but I wonder if it would have worked as a stamp or a rubbing? Anyway, your photos are very cool and I’m absolutely green with envy that you have such a great photo editing program 🙂

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