Pontypool Park

On Saturday I took the kids to Pontypool Park, which is about 10 miles away. There is a dry ski slope there which they have already been to without me, and two of them spent an hour on it, while DS2 and I found some chestnuts. Afterwards I dragged them up the hill to look at the shell grotto – unfortunately this was closed but they got a bit of exercise anyway! Then on the way down I remembered my camera… duh!

It was quite a misty day which adds to the atmosphere.

A path in Pontypool Park

A path in Pontypool Park

Above the path is where the ski run and ski lift go.

A path in Pontypool Park
We had to go through this tunnel to get under the ski slope. The kids enjoyed this bit…

Patterns through the trees…

Unusual toadstools
This isn’t the park – we went for a walk just north of Monmouth on Sunday and saw these toadstools.

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  1. What a scenic place and so green. I wonder if those mushrooms are edible. I would love to be enough of an expert to eat wild mushrooms. I tasted some once and they were delicious. Unfortunately I might die if I tried to identify good ones!

  2. I love the toadstools. They’re so cute! Seems like a little Pixie should be peaking out from under them!

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