Sketchbook Project 2010

These are the photos of the pages of my sketchbook sent off to the Arthouse Co-op Sketchbook Project.
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Sketchbook Project

My sketchbook submitted to the Arthouse Co-op Sketchbook Project 2011 tour.

[img src=]6280Front cover
The original sketchbook has navy blue card covers. I printed it with a thermofax screen and Gocco ink for paper; I then embossed it with clear embossing powder and rubbed a silver/brown inkpad over it. This is the result. I love the texture!
[img src=]2880
[img src=]2630
[img src=]3190first page
I thought I would put a sort of location map somewhere in the book with a collage of tourist information brochure pictures and a map.
[img src=]2740
In this spread I've affixed some of my screenprinted fabric and added some translucent organza printed with the same design.
[img src=]2230
The theme of the book is lines and grids. I have tended to focus a lot on shadows of fences and other grid-like structures.
[img src=]2160
On the left hand side is one of my Gocco prints of a North Wales steam train. On the right, the lines and shadows created by a footbridge across the river in Pontypridd, South Wales.
[img src=]1870
[img src=]1740
Some more of my screen printed fabric, this time of an image taken from a photograph of reeds.
[img src=]1340
An inkjet transfer of a photograph of reeds. I like how the marks made on the reverse sides of the paper have shown through.
[img src=]1240
I'm very into mark making straight lines with parallel pens and Pitt pens.
[img src=]1250
Another fence shadow.
[img src=]1040
Two sketches of a footbridge over a major road on the left and the view underneath on the right.
[img src=]1000
Palms in the Tropical Biome of the Eden Project.
[img src=]810
Shadows again, of a tree on the left, another fence on the right.
[img src=]860
A weaving of some Gocco printed paper.
[img src=]890
A very rapid sketch of a beach cafe in Cornwall on the left, rust printed/screenprinted silk fabric on the right.
[img src=]740
View along a railway footbridge and its shadows.
[img src=]700
The left hand side of the previous page opened out.
[img src=]760
[img src=]540
[img src=]510
Two gocco prints glued in to make a sort of mirror image. Canal warehouse buildings in Birmingham.
[img src=]600
[img src=]510
More mark making with some marks showing through from the previous page.
[img src=]380
[img src=]470
View through to the railway line from the footbridge sketched a few pages back.
[img src=]570
Hand dyed cotton scrim with hand made paper
[img src=]620
On the left, shadows of a fence up steps this time. On the right, an interesting grid printed from a polystyrene plate.
[img src=]540
Inkjet print transfer with screen printed fabric collaged on top.
[img src=]460
On the left, a charcoal rubbing of trampoline springs! Thought it looked a bit like a surreal skyscraper landscape. On the right, sketch of new river footbridge shimmering in the sun.
[img src=]440
Screenprint over stamped background (the same screen as I used for the cover).
[img src=]500
Printed paper from various gelatine printing sessions.
[img src=]410
I wrote a bit of a bio at the back with some of my thoughts on the sketchbook.
[img src=]480
On the inside back cover there is a flap for tucking loose items. I attached some of my Moo cards.
[img src=]400
[img src=]280
Back cover
[img src=]510
This is the inside front cover on which I introduced some of the themes emerging in the sketchbook over the last few months.

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