Reading glasses

Until I was about 43, I didn’t need glasses at all – I know, I was jolly lucky.  But over the last few years I have been squinting more and more at small print, holding it up to the light or increasing the font on the computer. Over the last few weeks I have finally capitulated and wear my reading glasses all the time.  I went through a phase of putting them down anywhere, spending hours looking for them, sitting on them (I haven’t actually trodden on them yet but came pretty close a few times!). 

So… I decided that I really needed to buy one of those old lady gizmos which attach to your glasses and hang around your neck. I bought one which was pretty utilitarian and…. boring, really.  I remembered that I had loads of unworn necklaces and chains languishing unused in a drawer.  Eventually I found the right phrase to  Google – glasses chain findings – and a few minutes on Ebay sent a set of 10 winging its way to my door for the immense sum of £2.


Hey presto!  Just the thing!  (sorry about the gawky grin – or should that be owlish? – I took the photo myself) with the camera sort of held out in front of me…

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  1. Very stylish Liz! It comes to us all I’m afraid. I went from perfect vision to reading glasses which I needed for more and more activities until eventually varifocals in my early 50’s. I wear glasses all the time now and the varifocals are great, although they took some getting used to. I still keep a pair of reading glasses for reading in bed.

  2. How depressing! I hate the feel of glasses on my nose and if I wear them too much it irritates my tear ducts or something – I wore them for a couple of hours yesterday and got a swelling to one side of my nose underneath my eye which went down again an hour or so after taking them off… but I can’t wear contact lenses because my eyes are so sensitive… I expect I’ll just be bumping into things if my distance vision goes too;( or maybe I should try and find a pair of very light ones…

  3. Very stylish Liz, you could add fabric beads for whimsy. :-) I wear glasses for close up work too, especially sewing and reading. I’ve come to see them as a fashion accessory. I love visiting your blog and hope to expand my own artistic journey with your inspiration.

  4. That’s a good idea, Mary, thanks! I’ll have to have a selection – they are quite easy to put on and off. Glad you enjoy reading my blog! Blogger couldn’t seem to find your blog by the way – is the link right? I’d love to read it.

  5. I was the same age when my eyes let me down. That is when it ussually happens a dr told us. Good Luck

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