Rust dyeing continued

You may remember that while the ceiling in my studio was busy leaking during every rainstorm, I put some fabric into a rusty baking tray put there to catch the drips.

It had dried out but the fabric was still there, so I poured some salt solution over it (left over from a dyeing marathon) to encourage it to rust some more.  I also rescued a couple of rusty tin cans from the side of the house.  (Ask my teenage son what they are doing there…. suffice to say that he likes eating tinned sweetcorn straight from the tin, and it is a long way down from his attic bedroom which has a window at the side of the house….).

Rusty tin cans have some nice interesting horizontal ridges on them, so I wrapped some fabric round them.  I also found a rusty old dishwasher cutlery tray so I put that in too, in the hope that the grid design would be picked up in the fabric. 

Here they all are, nestling in the tray:

rusty baking tray with fabric, water and lots of objects in it

I then covered it with plastic to stop it drying out.  Now I have to contain my impatience for a week or two….

above baking tray covered with plastic

I also added some acrylic paint to this painted lutradur (bottom picture)

painted lutradur

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  1. I’ve been trying some rusting too, I am so pleased with it, luckily mine worked overnight, I think I would have been too impatient to wait a week or two

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