Sewing Machine Sculpture

Whilst trawling through my Textile Museums favourites, I found this picture of a lady using a sewing machine. It is a metal sculpture. I’ve no idea why I bookmarked it under Textile Museums but I’m glad I found it again!

Anyone know where this is?

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  1. Liz,
    I may be mistaken but I believe that sculpture lives at the Mill in Lowell, Massachusetts.
    I don’t have time to check right now . Mainly wanted to thank you for the image.
    I have seen it somewhere!!!
    ~Kate in Vermont

  2. If not Lowell, maybe the garment district in Manhattan –

  3. Liz I have this photo saved and if I remember it was posted by someone on the QA list a couple of years ago, as I remember it they said they saw the sculpture ? (sorry I can’t remember which country but I do remember it was central america) which ties in with you web link, I might have the e mail saved some where if I come across it I will forward it to you, I love the sculpture, for it’s self and the recycling, best thoughts Frances,

  4. I just love that sculpture Liz. i hope you find out where it’s from.

  5. What a neat sculpter.

  6. it has to be on the grounds of a textile museum! i wonder who the artist is?

  7. Thanks, everyone! I haven’t been able to link it up to a definite site yet but I’ll keep you posted if I find out! I think Quiltart is where I originally saw a post about it too, Frances! But unfortunately I just bookmarked it and didn’t make a note of its location or the sculptor….

  8. Love the sculpture, hope you find where it is.

  9. Heres another sewing machine sculpture for your collection, located within NYC fashion district.

    Created by Judith Weller

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