Snow bound week

snowy road

In common with the rest of the UK, we had lots of snow last week and my 3 sons were off school – they are due to go back tomorrow and I think we are all ready for that to happen!    It snowed heavily last Tuesday night, and this was the scene on Wednesday morning.  I wouldn’t normally stand in the middle of that road to take a photo but as it is the top of a steep hill, only 4 wheel drive vehicles were attempting to get up it.  I love the quiet and the clean, crisp landscape.  

tree with snow

And the wintry trees covered with snow.

snowy landscape

I fulfilled January’s reed photos that day too.  Here they are – very dry and dead looking.

january reeds

Crisp, brown and papery….

dry reeds

On the way back I didn’t see many snowmen, but I did see this enormous snowball!  That is a rubbish bin at the side.


After several very cold, icy nights, the temperature has risen and the snow has got very soft and slushy again.   I don’t know how much longer it’ll last but it has been fun for a while.  Meanwhile, this afternoon I finally rinsed out some of the fabric I screenprinted and painted with natural dyes this time last year so hopefully in the next post there will actually be some textile content!

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  1. Look on the bright side, at least you didn’t get 52 inches of snow like we get every year!

  2. True, trouble is that because we don’t get loads every year, our Councils aren’t geared up to deal with it so everything shuts down!!

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