Snow days

Yesterday, only a frosting:

snow on ice

On the holly leaves on my walk…

snow on holly

The crisp, brown dead leaves contrast with the green living ones…


But today… what a difference a day can make!  At the back of my house:

garden in snow

And at the front:

front steps in snow

All around, evidence of activity normally invisible:

footsteps in snow

I don’t THINK my cat got this bird… he is too old to bother these days…

birds' footprints in snow

The boys had a good fight last night:

snowball on step 

But this wasn’t theirs – I passed HIM on my walk today…


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  1. Watch those steps! Let’s hope it all goes soon…..

  2. Goodness those steps look treacherous!
    Isn’t it amazing the way snowmen appear everywhere! They look like little aliens on the landscape.
    I love your photos.

  3. I like your description of evidence of activity normally invisible. I hadn’t thought of it in quite those terms before!

  4. How fun, Liz!! I love the snow in the cupped brown leaves, right along side of the green leaves!

  5. I need to look around i think i pass by art everyday. Great work.

  6. LOL – your pix make it look like a treat. Snow is wonderful if you never have to leave your house.

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