Tyvek is catching on!

I’m sitting here reading the Guardian magazine at the moment. And there in the middle was a feature about a jacket made of Tyvek! You can read it online too.

Quilting is obviously the wrong branch of fabric design to be in… the jacket, which looks like nothing more than a glorified cagoule, is £260!

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  1. Hi Liz. you could make a quilted Tyvek woman’s jacket with embroidery on and patches with the heatgun technique. I’m sure you could charge more that £260 for one of those.(smile)

  2. My dad worked for DuPont, in one of the plants that made Tyvek. I was accident prone and I remember visiting the plant (1970?) and receiving a piece of Tyvek that said on it “Are you accident prone… cause if you can rip this, it’s an accident”! I never thought that perhaps, over 30 years later, I might be wearing the stuff.

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