Untidy studios

What is it about this time of year that seems to breed untidy studios? Mine definitely needs a good tidy up.  It’s going to take a good reorganisation to get this sorted out.

lots of junk on brown table

Most of this on the table should be put away somewhere.

untidy floor and shelves

The floor is gradually disappearing again…

4 Replies to “Untidy studios”

  1. Oh man, an I ever relate!! And the real problem is that I’m not even sure where to begin because I really have no place to go with a lot of this stuff. Which, I suppose, means that I SHOULD begin by getting rid of some of it. I think I’ll just continue to diligently practice the skill of Denial instead.

  2. when I try and tidy up I forget where I’ve put everything…then I waste loads of time searching…MUCH better to leave everything out on the floor/table/any surface available so’s you can see where everything is when you need it!

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