Walk along the canal 1

On Saturday I managed to inveigle my 3 boys into a voluntary walk along the canal…. The bribe was a new mobile for DS3 and a visit to a Domino’s pizza takeaway shop a couple of miles out of town (the mobile shop in town had sold out). Amazing what they’ll do if they have an incentive! Domino’s advertisements always precede the Simpsons so this obviously gave it a mystique in their eyes (or at least a feeling that it was superior to ordinary frozen pizzas from Sainsburys)!

Here is one of the bridges we went under:

canal bridge

Not many people along the towpath, but lots of wildlife! These ducks couldn’t decide if we were a threat or not so they got ready to slide into the canal if necessary!

lots of ducks lined up on canal bank

These ducks look as if they are on a solid surface, so thick is the algae!

ducks swimming in canal green with algae

I think this is hedge parsley …

white flower and seedheads which look like cow parsley but might be the other plant whose name I've forgotten which looks very similar....

Seed heads are very photogenic…

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  1. Enjoyed your photos. Shame about the algae. Looks like a lovely place to walk. Regards Alison.

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