Walk along the canal 2

Halfway along the canal walk, another canal joins it and we walked along this one. Here is a cycle path waymark similar to the one by the River Usk cycle path which I photographed a few months ago.

signpost like totem pole for cycle paths

At this point, the canal tow paths go under the M4 motorway. Normally you don’t see the concrete structions underneath motorways so I always find this interesting.

lots of huge concrete pillars under heavy roof

It is imposing architecture in its way.

similar to previous photo

Some of the local graffiti artists had been indulging:

graffiti on concrete

And finally we emerge into the sunlight again along the new canal:

new canal with not so much algae as the other one

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  1. It looks like a fascinating walk. I’d love to see it some day. Very different from where we walk over here.

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