What Country are you?

Try this quiz:The Country Quiz, by BluePyramid InterActive. 1 was North Korea! (scary!).

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  1. Hey, I’m Poland and everyone thinks I’m stupid. How nice!

  2. And I’m France…YUCK!!!! At least I bathe regularly!


  3. Hmm… good food and Paris fashions??

  4. You are right Liz…well, at least about the food. Most of the fashions I can live without….they are so outrageous that I can’t imagine a real person wearing them in a real situation. But the food!!!! WOW. Yes, I LOVE real French food. There is a restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida called “Kathy’s Gazebo Cafe” that is one of the few places that can tempt me to eat dessert (I have a weakness for Creme Brulee). And, of course there is the wine and the beautiful countryside that I would love to travel in a leisurly manner…..I really was joking….it’s such an old cliche. My mother hated Paris (except for the museums) and was appalled that the French would allow dogs in the cafes….I pointed out that the US allows service dogs and that I seriously doubted that they were any cleaner than any other dog…just better behaved than some….she couldn’t argue. She still preferred Giverney and the Loire Valley…..both places I would like to visit.


  5. I’m the United Nations, which is funny because I’m Canadian, so it all actually fits. Sigh.

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