10 things …

… I did last week:

1.  Get back from a wonderful week away with some internet textile pals (more about that in the next post… I know, I always seem to do things backwards on this blog!)

2.  Immediately have to clear and clean spare room for unexpected friends of DS1, who were supposed to be camping in the garden … but it was chucking it down with rain (a normal Welsh summer, then…).

3.  Take DS2 and DS3 to the doctor’s.

4.  Pack up DS3 who was off to camp at the weekend (fortunately NOT under canvas as we have more typical Welsh weather this week too!).

5.  Go down with some bug I caught from DH.

6.  Send all DS3’s information off to secretary of said camp because they hadn’t received booking form in February…

7.  Dump all textile stuff from said wonderful week in my studio to sort out later.

8.  Congratulate DS1 on passing his driving test while I was away.

9.  Cancel meetings for coffee and lunch with two friends because I was too busy doing the above.

10. Take DS3 to Swansea by train for his camp on Saturday.


This week I only have DS1 and DS2 around (and only see them in the afternoons because they are teenagers and sleep all morning and then spend most of the time on their computers up in their rooms…).  DH has gone to America for an airshow.  So 10 things I am doing this week:

1.  Sleep.

2.  Go out for lunches with said sons, DS1 now being able to drive us all over the place…

3.  Sleep.

4.  Watch Heir Hunters on BBC iplayer.

5.  Sleep.

6.  Have lunch with one of above friends.

7.  Sleep.

8.  Get DS1 to drive me all round Newport to buy beanbag to sit on while thinking, cogitating and writing morning pages in studio. 

9.  Sleep.

10. Get sons to move furniture around to make DS3’s room more teenager friendly in his absence.  Oh, and sleep.

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One Response to 10 things …

  1. Sidney July 28, 2009 at 10:59 pm #

    Sweet dreams!