A bit of Gocco printing

I had some fun with my Print Gocco machine yesterday. 

I forgot to take pictures of the process, I got so into it but here is the machine with the lid open as if it was all ready to go (cheating here, I took this one today!).

Print Gocco

I drew a picture of a bird (inspired by a medieval picture I saw) with a Staedtler pigment liner.

picture of bird

I flashed a screen (using one of the masters for printing on paper in the machine, rather than on the thermofax film for printing on fabric) and inked it up, first with browns and greens, then when they were spent I added more funky colours, mixing Pearl-ex powders with some of them to give a bit of a sheen. 

birds printed using Print Gocco

Some of these are on card, some on mulberry paper and other papers.  I also printed a couple on Moleskine journals and, while the ink was damp I added some embossing powder and, after finishing printing, heated this with a heat gun.

gocco birds on Moleskine cahiers

gocco birds printed on heavy paper

These are on some handmade paper made with cotton rag which I bought from the papermill at Wookey Hole Caves which we visited a couple of years ago.

After that I went wild and printed on anything which stood still long enough!

colourful gocco bird

gocco bird on newsprint

multiple gocco print

Today I added some watercolour wash to one of them – the ink is oil based so it acted as a resist.

Gocco bird with watercolour background

I expect some of these things will find their way into my Etsy shop sooner or later!  And definitely stitched into some of my work…

5 responses to “A bit of Gocco printing”

  1. I love the birds. I am a big bird lover anyway. These are brilliant ! Thanks for putting them up. Joan

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