A day in Ludlow

On a rare dry day earlier this month I had a day out in Ludlow, a small market town in Shropshire.  I loved it – it was bigger than I had thought and had lots of lovely little locally owned shops instead of the proliferation of boring chain stores that you find in most British towns nowadays.

This is the hill up to the town from the railway station.  I love the profile of the church on the horizon – it looked as if the sun was shining right through from one side to the other (well, it probably was!).


Here’s the market square, where I bought a squirrel proof bird feeder.  Well, it would have been squirrel proof if I hadn’t hung it to the pear tree with fishing wire which the said squirrel then chewed through, bird feeder fell to the ground, knocking the seeds everywhere, which the squirrel then proceeded to dispose of!

Ludlow market 

There are some lovely half timbered houses there:

half timbered building in Ludlow

And a castle.  I circumnavigated it to go for a walk down to the river…

Ludlow castle

…. which was swollen with all the rain we’ve been having.   VERY swollen.

river in Ludlow

I love this old medieval bridge.

old bridge in Ludlow

And these half timbered shops house a bakery with the most gorgeous florentines ever! 

more half timbered shops in Ludlow

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