A few book reviews!

At the end of last year, I was asked if I would review a few books published by New Holland Publishers, and, being a complete bookaholic, of course I agreed!  So here is the first one…

This is called The Felted Bag Book by Susie Johns.

Felted bag book by Susie Johns

It is hardback, very colourful, and contains instructions for 21 different bags.   There are lots of photos and a detailed section on making felt at the beginning, as well as lots of photos of possible buttons, handles, zips, etc.  The book is split into four sections – making bags from scratch using merino wool tops, knitted felted bags, crocheted felted bags and using recycled felted sweaters etc, reconstructed into bags.   There are lots of different embellishments, including how to make felt beads and cords, and I do like the look of the circular crocheted bag!

I decided to test it out yesterday and have a go at Scarlett.

red felted bag from book

Well, the instructions said a total of 12oz of merino wool tops, so I had to use a mixture of colours … here they are all in a tangle:

tangle of merino wool tops

The ‘recipes’ are very well laid out and numbered step by step, just right for a novice… I got all my stuff together successfully.  There are templates in the back of the book and here I met my first little hitch, when I failed to notice that it said ‘template shown at 70% of actual size’.   I had to guess that, percentages aren’t my strong point! 

Here is the bag halfway through in the process of being felted (complete with fingerprints!).


All went well apart from getting the sides felted together … for some reason this didn’t happen so I’ll have to stitch them, but no matter… here it is busy drying:

felted bag

Not a very good photo I’m afraid.  Once it dries, I think I’ll trim it a bit but I’m pretty happy with the results, though maybe the instructions for the side felting could be a bit clearer.  It may be my materials, of course, since I was using what I had sitting around.  If you’re new to felting I would advise trying out the basic instructions at the start of the book first.

This is the circular crocheted bag I want to make:

crocheted felted bag from book

Despite the hiccups in my experiment, I think this book is pretty good if you like bags and especially if you are new to felting and want to have a go.    Maybe I’ll try an easier one next time!

The  books I’m reviewing are called Self Sufficiency: Hen Keeping/ by Mike Hatcher (£7.99), The Felted Bag Book by Susie Johns (£14.99) and The Artist’s Guide to Perspective by Janet Shearer (£8.99) and New Holland Publishers are offering 20% discount plus free P&P if you buy them through their website – put the code Spiral at checkout (this lasts till 31st March 2011, UK customers only).

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  1. You are so ambitious! This bag looks great and almost makes me want to try felting.

    I love the new blog look – very easy to read. Now, back to putting sleeve on quilt and trying to read the rest of your blog…

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