A Landscape Postcard

I’m going to do a proper post on the making of these postcards, but just at present I’m experimenting with a different way of uploading photos to my blog because my current method is a bit cumbersome.

Here is one of the postcards I made a week or two ago:

landscape postcard

Meanwhile, during my blogsurfing yesterday (hmm, have I just made up another internet word, or just picked it up subliminally from some press article or other?!), I found this post by Lisa Call on how she dyes 60-100 yards of fabric in a few hours. It is more or less how I did it when I last did some dyeing, except that I used smaller pieces at a time – ie. by adding more fabric to the dyestuff successively to make paler shades of the same colour but Lisa has described it beautifully. Imagine – 60 to 100 YARDS!!!

I just checked her blog and she has another post about it – the second of a number of posts she is going to write about her process. I enjoy reading Lisa’s blog – she always has thought-provoking or informative posts.

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