A little bit of painting

On Wednesday I did a bit of painting. 

First, I decided to try and get the feel of trees by painting some canvas board and putting clingfilm on, pulling it vaguely into the shape of tree branches.  I used a mixture of acrylics and watercolours on acrylic canvas.

Here it is drying:

browny reddy yellowy painted board with clingfilm on top

I didn’t realise that red was as red as it was, if you see what I mean, but hey, artistic license!

This is it now it is dried and I’ve taken the clingfilm off.  I think this is the best way up for the trees.  I will add some paint and crayon to it, I think, to make the trees stand out but I think you can see vague outlines.

painted canvas board


I had some paint to use up then, so I decided to do the same thing with some lutradur.  Instead of putting the clingfilm on top of it, I put it underneath it and weighted it down so the clingfilm would stay put.  This was because the paint tended to soak through and collect underneath. 

Here it is, before I covered it:

reddy blacky yellowy painted lutradur

And here is the result:

 lutradur painted red

 I don’t think the clingfilm made much difference here…  (the colours are more true on the bottom photo).

 I also then painted some more lutradur with blues and greens.  I dribbled a lot of water on it and in places this is leeching the paint away on to the drop cloth. 

blue green lutradur

In this photo you can just see the book I was using for guidance – Mary Todd Beam’s Celebrate Your Creative Self.  I love this book.

Here is the blue piece when it dried:

blue-green lutradur

The colour is a BIT stronger than this photo shows but not much.  As you can see, the area where I dripped the most water on it has lost most of its paint. 

All in all, a fun exercise!!

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One Response to A little bit of painting

  1. Karoda February 16, 2007 at 2:59 am #

    Beam’s book is one of my top favorites. Your pieces turned out very well!