A little pair of felted slippers

How do you get from this:

ginormous knitted sock

to this:

felted slippers

with the least effort possible?

I took it into my head the other day to use up some of the vast supplies of yarn I’ve accumulated so I decided to make a pair of felted slippers.    So I went to Knitty and found this pattern for Fuzzy Feet.   

This must have been the quickest things I have ever knitted.  I only took a day to knit each (aided and accompanied by lots of Cast On podcasts on Itunes) on 10mm circular needles with some yarn from Rio de la Plata that I bought last year.  I had heard that it felted well but hadn’t tested it…     They knitted up so quickly I would make these again any time.

Anyway, they were absolutely ginormous to start with…. this photo shows one of them on the ironing board:


And here they are nearly finished:

slippers nearly finished

Then I had to throw them in the washing machine with a towel to agitate and aid the felting.  The last thing I felted took two 60 degree washes (centigrade) so I thought it was going to take a long time but I followed the pattern for these and did them at 40 and stopped it halfway through the wash cycle.  (I had to check the manual for that… it’s a computerized machine and I’ve only ever done that before when it has refused to spin properly due to me loading it too full!).   And I was glad I did because they’d shrunk quite adequately by then.  So I finished them off with the rinse cycle and then, as the pattern suggested, put them on for a while and walked around to fit them to my feet.  And here is the result!

finished felted slippers

These took two skeins of Rio de la Plata but I am definitely going to use this yarn for felting because I love the way it looks and feels.

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  1. Don’t they look wonderful? Liz, a new addition for the shop, especially during the cold winter. Also so handy for those who need the warmth but cannot easily slip shoes/slippers on?

  2. These look so snuggly and cosy. I know I’d have to paint the bottoms of them with latex adhesive if I had a pair, or I’d fall down the stairs in them, but I may have to make a pair of my own. Very Christmassy, too!

  3. Hi Liz,
    Wishing you the warmest of fire-sides with love and happiness over this season and for 2009

    May your stars always be bright,
    and the winds of change never knock your baubles down!

  4. fantastic, I need to make some of these for my husbands’s size 11 feet! Maybe 3 skeins of yarn…
    Hope you’re having a warm and blessed Christmas.

  5. Hi!
    Thank you so much for catching my error on the CYBER FYBER site! It is thankfully corrected! I’m in debt to you especially since it made me realize that Sharon sent four fabulous postcards and I’ve only got three posted! Thanks for your keen eyes!
    PS The felted slippers look fantastic!

  6. They certainly were enormous to start with! It’s encouraging to read about stopping the machine and checking the size – I always thought you had to settle for what came out at the end of the cycle, maybe run it through again if it was still too big – but if it was too small, you just had to start again, knitting with n bigger needles, or more stitches…

  7. These are so gorgeous, Liz, could you possibly tell me which one of the Rio de la Plata range you used and where you got it from as I’d love to have a go at these.

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