A trip to London

A week or so ago, I had a day out in London.  It was a bit of an accidental trip, because I was booking tickets to go to the Who Do You Think You Are show in Olympia in February, and by mistake ordered tickets for 27th March instead!   Anyway, it was a great day so I’m glad I went twice. 

I arrived at Paddington and took the tube to Oxford Circus.  Then I walked to Berwick Street in Soho, to go to Cass Art to buy supplies.  And it was a good move, because lots of things were half price! 

I then walked to Clerkenwell to go to the Society of Genealogist’s library as they had an open day and it was free to visit rather than the £18 it would otherwise have cost.  

Here is Bloomsbury Square, where I was standing when I took the photo of the London Bus that I made a gocco print of:

Bloomsbury Square

On to Centrepoint:


Then, in stark contrast, there was this lovely old shop just up the road:

old shop in London

Some gorgeous facades if you look up:

interesting to look upwards

And these funny things on the lamp posts:

starburst lamposts

Past Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which was all locked up; I suppose because it was Saturday.

Lincoln's Inn Fields

Some tall blocks of flats; I liked the blue in the stairwell, though it isn’t so clear in this photo as in real life.


Nearly there:


A mixture of old and new…


7 Replies to “A trip to London”

  1. I love that first picture. It looks so quaint and cozy, and rather makes me want to take a walk around that area. Good thing you brought the cam!

  2. Hi Liz!
    Love the photos of London! I hope I can get there some day, but would love to see more in the meantime!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know, I heard about that, Mai-Britt! I have a quick point and shoot camera so I don’t stand there too long! And being Saturday morning not too many people around…

    1. Yes, it was about 10am on a Saturday! It was much busier later in the afternoon when I emerged from the Society of Genealogists’ library.

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