A trip to Weston

I have been rather neglecting this blog of late so I am going to try and remedy that by bringing in more details of my daily life and what I’m getting up to.  And I’ve also decided to close my Daily Photos blog because I think the photos would be better incorporated into this blog.

A week ago I took the kids on the train to Weston-super-Mare for the day.  It is only across the Bristol Channel from us as the crow flies but by land you have to go all around and through Bristol so I hadn’t been there for several years.  It is a typical Victorian British seaside resort complete with pier:

pier at Weston super Mare

As you can see, the tide goes out a long way!  There weren’t many people on the beach because it was a VERY windy day!

beach shop and cafe at Weston

It also has the usual beach stalls selling balls, wind breaks and other stuff, and a cafe to get your polystyrene cups of tea to warm you up.  There are donkey rides, too, but I only got them inadvertently in the background of a video I took of the kids playing football.

Georgian crescent in Weston

We also discovered this elegant Georgian crescent.


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  1. It was Liz Plummer Day on

    There was a scene in the movie The French Lieutenant’s Woman that’s always stuck in my head . . . Meryl Streep walking and walking toward the sea as the tide went out. I wonder if it was around here?

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