A visit to Birmingham

On Tuesday I took the kids to Birmingham on the train.  I grew up in Stoke-on-Trent and visited the city quite a few times when I was growing up, but I hadn’t been there since the early 80s.  I was pleasantly surprised at how the 60s concrete Bullring I remembered had been replaced by an upmarket shopping centre.

I found a walking trail on the BBC website – it was actually a natural history one but I downplayed this aspect of it to the kids!  It took us round mostly pedestrian areas and along some canals.

the new Selfridges in Birmingham

This is the facade of the new Selfridges building.

St Martin's church area Birmingham

This is down towards St Martin’s church – it is looking towards the sun and I like the spooky effect of all the shadows.


I like the way this skyscraper has the reflection of another in it.  This is near the International Convention Centre where we had lunch.

reflection in canal

I think I must like reflections.  Like this one of one of the buildings alongside the canal.

building site 

However, what interested the kids most (to my surprise… I thought they had outgrown such things) was where they were digging out the foundations for a new office block.

canal barges and reflections

More reflections, canal boats, and BBC Birmingham.

a blue skyscraper

Birmingham seems to like skyscrapers.  Note the person cleaning the walls on the right – DS3 thought he was abseiling!

Bullring etc

Of course, the kids couldn’t wait till we got back to the beginning of the walk and hit the shops…. Game, Borders and HMV of course!

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6 responses to “A visit to Birmingham”

  1. Thanks for the pics of Birmingham – wow it has changed ALOT! I remember going as an A level student to a hippy type market around the back of the bull ring….. and the fabric market….. it looks better now!

    And you said you come from Stoke – my boyfriend at the time went to Stoke Poly and I used to visit – I remember damp terrace houses and pool tables in pubs (it was warmer in the pub than in the student house!)

  2. I absolutely love the photo of the pink and yellow trim buildings reflected int eh water – the shot has great composition. Do you mind me asking what plugin (if any) you used to add your photos in this post? I love the drop shadow effect. 🙂

  3. Wow, my home town (left it 33 years ago) is looking very swish these days. Great pics Liz and glad you enjoyed your day out.

  4. Those are great pictures of reflections. Like you I love reflections in water. The colours in the first one of the buildings were superb!

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