A wet walk

Last week I decided to go for a walk: along the river to look at the reeds.  I always love walking along rivers.  I took my camera with me to record it.

Across one pedestrian footbridge…

Malpas Road

Through the park… love this row of poplars….

poplars in Shaftesbury Park

And the rusty gate

rusty gate

But… I saw the looming grey clouds and had to hurry… but too late!  It started to pelt down with rain.  Luckily, Sainsburys is by the river too and it has nice sheltering overhangs on its roof…

I still found picturesque things to photograph while I was waiting….

autumn leaves

The river looks very gloomy today…

railway bridge across River Usk

Rain stopped… back over another footbridge it feels being in the tree canopies…

autumn trees

Plop through that puddle and hurry off home before the next deluge!


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One Response to A wet walk

  1. rayna gillman November 20, 2009 at 3:35 am #

    Ah, Liz, you have such a wonderful way of seeing. I love these photos — and the landscape doesn’t look the least bit gloomy looking through your eyes. Thanks for sharing these pix.