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When I signed up for a City & Guilds course in patchwork and quilting in 2001 I didn’t know it would lead me to explorations in painting and dyeing…

I am a textile and mixed media artist and surface pattern designer living in South Wales, UK: the natural world and the effects of light and reflections inspire my work.

I love creating complex, layered patterns with lots of texture and colour and am inspired by the unpredictability of paint and dye on paper and fabric: the results of my experiments often creep into my designs. I love printing: monoprinting, screenprinting and block printing; many of the images produced in this media inspire the motifs in my surface pattern designs and textures. Recently I’ve been making daily art on discarded train tickets as a way of encouraging my creative process to develop: I suppose they are a kind of tiny sketchbook. I often post these on my Instagram.

I sell digital downloads (scrapbook kits, planner stickers etc) of a selection of my patterns and textures on Creative Market, and printed on various products at Redbubble and Society 6.

I started blogging in 2005 and have had articles published in the Computer Textile Design Group magazine as well as in online in Fibre&Stitch and Workshop on the Web. My train ticket art project was featured on the Pattern Observer blog in 2015.

Locally, Ishadow teazle am a member of the Diverse Manners arts group in Newport, South Wales, UK and have exhibited with them several times.

I studied history at St Andrews University so my researches into family history and social history often creep into the blog and sometimes inform my designs.

4 responses to “About”

  1. Hello Liz, was just looking up info about what little eggs we also found in our garden in Australia. Sorry to hear they may only be slug eggs. Children were hoping for frogs eggs as we have a number of them living in our garden. It amazing to to see where these little research trips will take you, and I am very interested to see more of your textile work. Will return for a look another time as the children are eagerly awaiting the out come of my search.

  2. Hi Liz,

    I am also a textile artist living in Bristol and am just setting up my blog. I love your post card work.

  3. Wonderful work! I am an art educator from Nova Scotia Canada. I integrate art and technology with the curriculum. This concerta book is excellent for integrating art/bookmaking/poetry/math with my grade 5 students.

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