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Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it is 4 days since I last posted. How easily I get out of the habit! I had the first stage of root canal treatment on my tooth last Friday and since then have had various aches and pains in my mouth – I thought I was getting a throat infection earlier in the week so I was taking it easy. Gargling with salt and dosing myself with plenty of vitamins and herb teas. It seems to be easing off, thankfully. 2 more weeks till the next stage of the treatment. I often find that if I have antibiotics, I get some sort of infection after I finish them, as if all the bad bacteria are rushing to take over again and my body can’t quite fight them off quickly enough…. Must be a quilt in that image…

Anyway, dear readers, I would like your advice. A few months ago I made this quilt with some of my rusted fabric:

rusted wallhanging with lots of grid patterns

I think it looks a bit boring like that and a bit strange (mainly due to the shape it turned out by the time I had finished quilting) and I would like to make it more like this:

above wallhanging with bends and waves in it

Of course, it is on the floor at the moment so it looks a bit strange anyway, but I thought of either wiring it somehow or attaching it to some background, either fabric or board or something. I’ve never done anything like this, and of course I didn’t start from the beginning and incorporate it into the design so anything I do will have to be added on to either the front or the back and therefore will affect the way it looks now. Any suggestions will be considered gratefully! It is quite thick, by the way, because the grey fabric is a sort of thick upholstery (I think) fabric with a bit of a pile and it has various layers on top of that, and it is quite heavily quilted.

Here is a detail of it:

detail of quilting of above

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  1. This is such a lovely quilt Liz. The colours and design are very unusual and I can see it working well as you suggest and as it’s thick can’t it just have wire threaded to the ouside edge and shaped with some stitching here and there to hold it in place? The alternative of course would be Wireform.

  2. wire mesh or bendable jewelry wire couched on back of the batting and then covered with the backing….wear safety goggles if you machine couch the wire.

    or you could hardent the entire piece with a heavy acrylic medium but to actually do it would make me fearful of ruining the quilt.

  3. 2 comments, 1. I love this peice. I can just imagine how wondeful it is “in person”. 2. I love it even more in relief. Wonderful.

  4. I’m somewhere with Margaret and Karoda. I’m assuming that you have a backing already on it though. So, I would probably hand sew thin casings up either side of the back (maybe with the rougher brown fabric) and insert stiff wire into the casings. Bend the wire into shape, and voilá, hopefully you have the dimensionality you are looking for. Because of the heavily textured and metalic look it already has, you could also tie it to a wire grid (from the hardware store or garden center) that even extends a little beyond the boundaries of the quilt and then sculpt the whole thing as you wish. I think that the grid pattern on the quilt would harmonize well with wire grid.

  5. I think my solution would be to take 3 pieces of twill tape or ribbon, attaching them at the top in the back, with hand stitches that don’t show through to the front. THen adjust the quilt to how you want it to hang, marking & cutting the tapes to just the right length, & attach them each at the bottom back the same way, then just pin in place, along each ribbon, then sew where you need to from the back for it to hang the way you want it to.

  6. Hi Liz
    Sorry I meant to comment on this piece I think its fantastic and the shawl … as I cannot remember how to spell the other word LOL
    is really really fab…
    great pics of the flowers as well … gosh you have been busy
    keep up the excellent work.

  7. Hello!
    Your work is so beautiful. When in doubt, you can velcro the quilt to a piece of wood ( moulding scraps from your hardware store) A strip of wood on the top, and then one on the bottom. Be sure to attatch your hanging device to the top piece of wood first. The velcro strip (toothless) can be basted to the back of your quilt. Some clients have used this method when purchasing some hand felted wall hangings. They claim that it works quite well! If not not explaining it well, feel free to e-mail me.


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