Altering Moleskine journals

Last year I traced part of a medieval woodcut print of a cityscape using one of the Dover books, and made it into a Gocco screen.  I’m not sure that the screen I made was very successful because I didn’t shade it enough to give it dimension and the resultant prints just weren’t very clear.   I printed several Moleskine journals with it and put them in my Etsy shop.  Here is one so you can see what I mean:

Moleskine printed with print gocco machine

Actually this one is even more unclear because I used white ink and gold embossing powder!   But I did do some with white ink on black which wasn’t much better.

Anyway, they’re not like that anymore!  This afternoon I got the watercolour paints out and highlighted a few of the features, I hope more successfully:

Moleskine printed with print gocco machine

Here’s a close up of that last picture:

Moleskine printed with print gocco machine

I also tried a different sort of highlighting on the black one:

Moleskine printed with print gocco machine

I did this one with a silver pen.

Moleskine printed with print gocco machine

I stamped this one with my angel stamp as I think she looks pretty medieval too!

These are all for sale in my shop on Etsy, by the way.  What do you think? Does my colouring improve them or spoil them?

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  1. Difficult to be sure without seeing them in real life but I think the colouring does improve them. I think the silver on black is just gorgeous.

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