Another Clapotis

I started making another clapotis yesterday with the blue silk I got from the yarn coop. It is gorgeous to knit with and so smooth and shiny. I’m using a spreadsheet from the Clapotisknitalong2005 Yahoo group to keep track of the rows and am also purling the stitches to be dropped rather than knitting them. It’s a lot easier to see if you’ve gone wrong that way. So this one should be a lot more accurate than the last! I’m definitely addicted to this pattern!

Here it is from the stockingstitch side:

blue silk knitting

You can see a ridge now where the stitches will be dropped eventually.

And here it is from the reverse, which I think I like better so far…

blue silk knitting reverse

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  1. I think clapotises (clapotii?) are pretty, but I think the name is horrible. It sounds like a social disease! 😀

    Love the color yarn you’ve chosen!

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