Antique sewing machine

Lovely old sewing machine with decorative decals

Well, I’m back from my travels (actually got back on Thursday but it’s taken this long to get through the pile of washing and read about 1000 emails…). On the way to our destination, we came across a car boot sale. We spent about an hour and a half there examining all the treasures. And look what I got there! It only cost me £14. I looked it up on the internet and apparently it was made in Germany, not sure when. It’s got a transverse shuttle, whatever that is – it is a long, thin one anyway. The start to my very own sewing machine museum!!

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  1. Hi Liz .. Looks like you had a great time .. oh no dont start a sewing machine museum lol…. I have about5 or 6 hmmmm do I really need that many when I only use one?
    nice to see you back..

  2. Oh Liz, that sewing machine is a beauty. I love old sewing machines, and the decoration on that one is beautiful. I hope you can use it. Jen

  3. I’ve only got three so far, Sandy so I’ve got a bit further to go to catch you up!

    I haven’t had a chance to try and get it to work yet – I just keep going up and stroking it and admiring it!

  4. Nothing wrong with collecting sewing machines – look at the stuff all our men collect!!

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  6. Hello Liz Plumer,
    I was looking up information on antique sewing machines and stumbled across your blog.My girlfriend and I thought you might be interested that we just recently came to own somewhere around 40-60 antique sewing machines.If you are serious about starting an antique sewing machine museum let us know as all machines are available for sale.
    Oh yeah!These machines and cabinets are in excellent condition and they all work they date from the late 1800’s to somewhere around the 1950’s.

    Let us know.

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